Artist Statement

I was 56 years old when I discovered my love for photography.

It occurred quite suddenly and unexpectedly while hiking in nature. I was fascinated by the beautiful autumn colors, and equipped with nothing more than a BlackBerry smart phone camera, I just started imaging what surrounded me.

That experience unleashed a torrent of experimentation, as I played with every setting on the device. Everyday objects, flowers, landscapes, people, buildings, anything that caught my eye was fair game for playful trial and error.

Roughly 17,00 images later, I  moved up to a cheap entry level compact digital camera with a fixed lens, but one that allowed me to learn shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance. Now I cruise with my mirrorless camera and assortment of lenses.

I am self-taught. I am inspired not only by other photographers, but by painters,designers and architects. I give great credit to my wife Barbara, a painter, for encouragement and guidance.

I am particularly inspired by the words of Steve Jobs, who said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It was his guiding edict in his revolutionary product designs. I portray my subjects very simply, by themselves, stripping away distraction, and by doing so, I allow them to speak in their utter delicacy, beauty, and seductive power.


 LOUHS - Copy






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